Our Fields of Expertise

Our business volume formed over the years, our clients? interest and their repeated orders lead us to concentrate in the following fields, particularly into/from English:

1. Legal matters (contracts, legal agreements, court judgements, witness statements, pleadings, expert opinions, etc.)
2. International relations (publications, reports, minutes, correspondance, etc. concerning international organisations and the European Union)
3. Technical documents (manuals, catalogues, specifications, surveys, etc.)
4. Banking and finance (company reports, audit reports, financial surveys, credit agreements, stock market reports, etc.)
5. Cosmetics (Guides, brochures, training materials, etc.)
6. Medical, pharmaceutical documents
7. Maritime (charter agreements, surveys, etc.)

Formats of incoming files including diagrams and drawings are maintained as close to original as possible through use of various original software. Consistency of terminology, accuracy, comprehensibility, conformity with established style rules, meticulous attention to linguistic and technical details are guiding principles in all the works we carry out.