Translation Services

~ On Subjects of Law, Engineering, Shipping, Finance, Diplomacy, International Law, Management, Medicine, Patent, etc.;
~ In English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Many Other Languages Via Our Expansive Network;
~ For Catalogues, Manuals, Books, Magazines, Brochures, Articles, Thesis and Other Written Texts In Various Formats;
~ From Skilled Translators Entrusted Through 10-Year Long Company History;
~ Fully Bound With Source Text and/or Suitable For Stated Purpose of Use, Fluent, Comprehensible, Standardised;
~ Short Period of Delivery Depending on Requirement;
~ Notary / Consulate Certified / Sworn-In (for Turkey), Certified With ITI Seal (for UK) When Required.

~ Software Supported Maintenance of Terminology;
~ Proofreading, Transcription, Localisation;
~ Consecutive Interpreting (Business Meetings, Conferences, Court Suits);
~ Simultaneous Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting;
~ Favourable Pricing, Depending on Amount and Continuity of Work;
~ Membership in Authorised National and International Organisations;
~ Attentive, Responsible Work;
~ Absolute Commitment to Confidentiality;
~ Respect for All Languages Facilitating Communication.